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SEO Twitter: The Emotion of Self-Promotion…

March 19th, 2012 5 comments

My buddy Bill Brenner (@billbrenner70) blogged a question that stemmed from a “discussion” I seem to have initiated yesterday: “Do People In Security Blog Too Much?

He was kind enough to accommodate a clarification from me in which I reiterated that my chief complaint regarding excessive self-promotion by individuals  was “not about volume, but variety.”

To be clear, RT’ing a link (however modified) that is clearly designed to self-promote onesself is, in my opinion, bordering on SPAM-like behavior when one does it 10+ times in a 24 hour period.

I don’t mind a lot of tweets.  I mind a lot of the same tweets.

…The same way people get annoyed with folks who live tweet conferences, I suppose.

Now, people have the right to tweet whatever they like, as often as they like, but the reason I brought this up was because I was truly interested in whether or not the individual in question understood the impact/annoyance it caused.

Based on his reply, the “data he had to suggest ‘increased engagement,’ and what was clearly a strategy behind this activity, it became apparent he didn’t.

So I did what anyone in my position has the option to do: I unfollowed.  This was followed by an additional comment from the author that only “…~0.1% of followers had a negative response” to his RT’ing [approximately 5/4200 people.]

I found that odd, since I had at least 10 DM’s in my mailbox from followers who reacted to my tweets surrounding this issue.

5 or so others then piped up suggesting they were also annoyed but, like me, had not said anything.

As I mentioned, I wasn’t looking for anything like an apology — it’s not my place to, nor am I arrogant enough to suggest I’m owed one — but I did want him to understand that there were ramifications that either he was unaware of or simply ignoring.  Again, his choice.

I probably *do* tweet too much for many people’s likes — and they unfollow accordingly.  However, I operate under the “code” that I try very hard to not RT anything self-promotional more than TWICE in a 24 hour period.  I figure that with timezone deltas, but with RSS feeds and other RT’s from interested parties, that’s sufficient.

Am I potentially missing people?  Sure.  But the way I look at it is that if it’s interesting enough, people will find it.

I’m not in the “business” of “SEO for Twitter” (h/t to @SecureTom for the phrase,) but that’s a personal choice.

I will suggest, however, that people are smarter than many give them credit for — you can get cute and change the preamble, but if you deluge their timeline with self-promotion, expect them to one day get grumpy enough to find the unfollow button…and use it.



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March 16, 2012: @Beaker’s Tweets O’ the Week…

March 16th, 2012 No comments

Here they are…*some* of my favorite Tweets O’ the Week that I curated:

  • Unless you like fish, stop chasing red herrings.
  • The hypervisor is/should be the least of your security concerns in a virtualized environment. The ops & mgmt layer should be
  • The next 1 of you (us) who starts whining about how broken our industry is without doing anything about it gets posted to the hamster wall
  • This is the new norm I call anti-FUD FUD: security vendors shitting where they eat in an (em)pathetic attempt to gain cred. How ’bout fixin?
  • Congrats on $60MM funding @appirio. It’s great u’ll be able to afford to create even more BS marketing contests you rig the outcome to ;p
  • Protip: The state of the Security Industry always looks like shit in the middle of a “breaker” hacker con.  By design. You’re welcome.
  • More negativity, navel gazing & security apocalypse hype. Funny how “experts” doing the sky-is-falling chicken dance never propose solutions
  • Awkward moment today: someone presenting me slides re: Cloud Security that I built on an initiative I created and a group I lead. o_O
  • Oh! Right! Cloud security, visibility & transparency. Why didn’t I think of that?!
  • North by Northwest is basically the Hitchcock version of Anonymous, Wikileaks…with biplanes and better acting.
  • I will soon utilize HTTPS/SSL to encrypt all my tweets. Those of you who are not Beaker Certified will be unable to decipher my madness
  • Out of complete ignorance: is SXSW like Burning Man for nerds who only discuss things that are battery operated?
  • What a bunch of chicken shits. 20 DM’s later and 18 of you vote @MikD as the Ryan Seacrest of Infosec. Like that’s a bad thing?
  • My twitter follower count goal is 90210 – that way I can claim I am the Tiffany Amber Theisen of Twitter. It’s the little things…
  • Single best way to get uninvited back to weekly meetings is introduce the fact that the host’s model construct for an argument is flawed.
  • Oh $gawd. What a bunch of cockblocking going on with respect to $openwashing & who started what. Sigh. #getonwithitalready
  • I just sent the most awesome f’ing internal email ever.  If there was EVER a reason for REPLY-ALL, *this* would be it. GRAB YOUR RED STAPLER

Did I miss any? 😉


You Might Be A Social Media Expert If…

July 10th, 2009 5 comments

My friend Dave Shackleford made one innocent little quip about social media experts on Twitter yesterday and in a fit of caffeine inspired (a)muse(ment) I went on a little rant.

Sung to the tune of Jeff Foxworthy’s “You might be a redneck…”:

  1. “If you think twitter is a sexual position, you might be a social media expert”
  2. “If the top three items in your browser history include the words “singles” “dating” or “matematch,” you might be a social media expert”
  3. “If your idea of fast food is ordering your X-Large pizza online — for yourself only — you might be a social media expert”
  4. “If you go to tweet-ups to pick up on women…you might be a social media expert”
  5. “If you’ve ever asked someone to become a Facebook fan of YOU, you might be a social media expert”
  6. “If you’ve ever broken up with someone over twitter & mistakenly @’d instead of DM’ing them, you might be a social media expert”
  7. “If your mom has more Facebook friends and Twitter followers than you do — some of whom she’s met– you might be a social media expert”
  8. “If you apply the David Koresh definition of ‘followers’ to Twitter, you might be a social media expert”
  9. “If you’ve ever sent defensive DM’s to @beaker because you’re offended by his SocMed jokes, you’re def. a fscking Social Media expert
  10. “If you had no idea ponies don’t really come in pink with bedazzled outfits, you might be a social media expert”
  11. “If you’ve ever tweeted for help on how to operate a power tool in real-time, you might be a social media expert”
  12. “If your idea of a hot date is the poetry aisle @ Barnes & Nobles on ‘Middle Eastern Comedy Reading Night’ you might be a SocMed Expert”
  13. “If your idea of a pet is a LOLcat that uses kitty twitter, you might be a social media expert”
  14. “If you went to Defcon and had a shirt made that said “I poked your mom on Facebook” to wear to the invite-only FB party that night, you…oh”
  15. “If you have seen, let alone own, ‘Breakin’ 2: Electric Boogaloo,’ you might be a social media expert”
  16. “If you’ve EVER said ‘Thunderbirds are go!’ at a party that involved alcohol and people over 23, you might be a social media expert”
  17. “If your idea of a tough workout is 10 minutes on the Wii Fit, you might be a social media expert”

Here are some of the contributions that my like-minded and sheepish followers penned:

  1. If you use your WiiFit to update your statistics on Facebook and MySpace, you might be a social media expert [@n0b0d4]
  2. If you’ve ever suggested a IPS and SIEM based on Twitter, you might be a Social Media expert *looks at @Beaker* [@innismir]
  3. If you named your twins Tweet and Retweet, you might be a social media expert [@n0b0d4]
  4. If you refuse to talk to your parents because they aren’t on Facebook and Twitter, you might be a social media expert [@n0b0d4]
  5. You know you’re a social media expert when…you can celebrities look at you followers and are jealous [@n0b0d4]
  6. If people send help when you haven’t tweeted in 3 hours, you might be a social media expert? [@samj – in response to my CTO wondering why I was MIA from Twitter for 3 hrs ;)]
  7. If you bought a book of funny quotes cause you thought it would make for interesting tweets, you might be a social media expert. [@pcalvin]
  8. If you stopped posting for 1 day and people start asking if you’re ok, you might be a social media expert. [@lonervamp]
  9. If you learned how to dance from Dance Dance Revolution, you might be a social media expert [@noora_freedman]
  10. If followe[rs|es] exceeds your dunbar number by an order of magnitude you might be a social media expert <- works for monkeys too [@samj]
  11. If you’ve ever cared whether or not someone follows you back you might be a social media expert. [@samj]
  12. If you shake hands by making sure to follow everyone who follows you, you might be a social media expert [@jamesurquhart]
  13. If the thousands of hours you spent playing Everquest are finally paying off, you might be a social media expert. [@jamesurquhart]
  14. If you’ve ever left a meeting with your CIO to finish a tweet you might be a social media expert [@andywillingham]
  15. If you’ve ever won a blogworld pass with a tweet, you might be a social media expert [@n0b0d4]
  16. If you refer to Friendster as the historic way people used to communicate, you might be a social media expert [@munozrick]
  17. If you follow 10,000 people but only 20 follow you back, you might be a social media expert” [@vmdoug]
  18. If your idea of a great book title is “How to win followers and influence people”, you might be a social media expert. [@daveshackleford]
  19. If you count the letters in every sentence as you write, you might be a social media expert” [@munozrick]
  20. If you become anxious about the number of API calls left in your Twitter client, you might be a social media expert. [@daveshakleford]
  21. If you’ve ever switched Twitter clients to avoid RT your own lame joke, you might be a social media expert [@n0b0d4]
  22. If you can’t live without your Flip Video camera, you might be a social media expert. [@dirflash]
  23. If you think hashtags should not be removed from mattresses, you might be a social media expert. [@lmclaughlin]
  24. If you’ve ever though 140 characters is too much, you might be a social media expert [@n0b0d4]
  25. If you have ever switched the keys on your keyboard around just to keep life interesting…you might be a social media expert [@cparadis_]


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