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March 16, 2012: @Beaker’s Tweets O’ the Week…

Here they are…*some* of my favorite Tweets O’ the Week that I curated:

  • Unless you like fish, stop chasing red herrings.
  • The hypervisor is/should be the least of your security concerns in a virtualized environment. The ops & mgmt layer should be
  • The next 1 of you (us) who starts whining about how broken our industry is without doing anything about it gets posted to the hamster wall
  • This is the new norm I call anti-FUD FUD: security vendors shitting where they eat in an (em)pathetic attempt to gain cred. How ’bout fixin?
  • Congrats on $60MM funding @appirio. It’s great u’ll be able to afford to create even more BS marketing contests you rig the outcome to ;p
  • Protip: The state of the Security Industry always looks like shit in the middle of a “breaker” hacker con.  By design. You’re welcome.
  • More negativity, navel gazing & security apocalypse hype. Funny how “experts” doing the sky-is-falling chicken dance never propose solutions
  • Awkward moment today: someone presenting me slides re: Cloud Security that I built on an initiative I created and a group I lead. o_O
  • Oh! Right! Cloud security, visibility & transparency. Why didn’t I think of that?!
  • North by Northwest is basically the Hitchcock version of Anonymous, Wikileaks…with biplanes and better acting.
  • I will soon utilize HTTPS/SSL to encrypt all my tweets. Those of you who are not Beaker Certified will be unable to decipher my madness
  • Out of complete ignorance: is SXSW like Burning Man for nerds who only discuss things that are battery operated?
  • What a bunch of chicken shits. 20 DM’s later and 18 of you vote @MikD as the Ryan Seacrest of Infosec. Like that’s a bad thing?
  • My twitter follower count goal is 90210 – that way I can claim I am the Tiffany Amber Theisen of Twitter. It’s the little things…
  • Single best way to get uninvited back to weekly meetings is introduce the fact that the host’s model construct for an argument is flawed.
  • Oh $gawd. What a bunch of cockblocking going on with respect to $openwashing & who started what. Sigh. #getonwithitalready
  • I just sent the most awesome f’ing internal email ever.  If there was EVER a reason for REPLY-ALL, *this* would be it. GRAB YOUR RED STAPLER

Did I miss any? 😉


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