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Jericho Forum’s Cloud Cube Model…Rubik, Rubric and Righteous!

I’m looking forward to the RSA conference this year; I am going to get to discuss Virtualization and Cloud Computing security a lot.

One of the events I’m really looking forward to is a panel discussion at the Jericho Forum’s event (Wednesday the 22nd, starting at 3pm) with some really good friends of mine and members of the Forum.

We’re going to be discussing Jericho’s Cloud Cube Model:

jericho-cloudcubeI think that the Cloud Cube does a nice job describing the multi-dimensional elements of Cloud Computing and frames not only Cloud use cases, but also how they are deployed and utilized.

Here’s why I am excited; if you look at the Cube above and the table I built below in this blog (The Vagaries Of Cloudcabulary: Why Public, Private, Internal & External Definitions Don’t Work…) to get deeper into Cloud definitions, despite the differences in names, you will notice some remarkable similarities, especially the notion of how “internal/external” is called out separately from “perimertized/de-perimeterized.” This is akin to my table labeling of “Infrastructure located” and “managed by” column headings.  Further the “outsourced/insourced” maps to my “managed by:” column.  I like the “proprietary/open” dimension, also, which I didn’t include in my table, but I did reference in my Frogs presentation. I think I’ll extend the table to show that, also.


I am very much looking forward to discussing this on the panel.  I’ve been preaching about the Jericho Forum since my religious conversion many years ago.

As I said in my Frogs preso, Cloud Computing is the evolution of the “re-perimeterization” model on steroids.