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Hoff’s (Still) For Hire: There’s Only So Many Honey-Do’s I can Do’s…


hoffforhireUpdate: Since I posted this in February, I’ve had some awesome opportunities arise but I haven’t yet secured my dream job, so I thought I’d repost this prior to the RSA Security show next week.

I’ll be keynoting at the America’s Growth Capital Information Security Conference as well as speaking numerous times at RSA.  You can reach me in any of the ways listed below.

The last two years have been a blast but all things must come to an end.

At the conclusion of March, I am moving on to newer pastures.  Where that is may be up to you.
I am exploring all options with a focus on traditional security roles including CISO/CSO, but I’d prefer architect/evangelist/CTO roles that focus more on virtualization and Cloud Computing security.  Start-ups, Up-Starts or large companies are all game.

If you’ve got an opportunity that you think we’d both be a match for, feel free to reach out.  

A dose of reality: If you’re not serious about envelope pushing, thought/industry leadership, world domination and unabashed enthusiasm sprinkled with rational pragmatism, I’m not your guy…

My LinkedIn profile is here.  My email is here.  You can reach my call router at +1.978.631.0302.  You can find me on Twitter here: @beaker



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