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Don’t Hassle the Hoff: Recent Press & Podcast Coverage & Upcoming Speaking Engagements

October 26th, 2009 1 comment


Here is some of the recent coverage from the last month or so on topics relevant to content on my blog, presentations and speaking engagements.  No particular order or priority and I haven’t kept a good record, unfortunately.

Press/Technology & Security eZines/Website/Blog Coverage/Meaningful Links:


Recent Speaking Engagements/Confirmed to  speak at the following upcoming events:

  • Enterprise Architecture Conference, D.C.
  • Intel Security Summit 2009, Hillsboro OR
  • SecTor 2009, Toronto CA
  • EMC Innovation Forum, Franklin MA
  • NY Technology Forum, NY, NY
  • Microsoft Bluehat v9, Redmond WA
  • Office of the Comptroller & Currency, San Antonio TX
  • Intercloud Working Group, GooglePlex CA 😉
  • CSC Leading Edge Forum, VA
  • DojoCon, VA

I also forgot to thank Eric Siebert for putting together the VMware Top 20 blog list and putting me on it as well as the fact that Rational Survivability made the Datamation 2009 Top 200 Tech Blogs list.


Ralph the Mouth and Potsie Do A Cloud Security Podcast

July 30th, 2009 No comments

microphoneI’ll leave it up to you to figure who’s who [I’m the one with the ‘good’ accent,] but Craig Balding from and I have teamed up to host a regularly-scheduled (whatever that means) podcast on Cloud Security.

It’s called…wait for it…

The Cloud Security Podcast.

You can find it, and the show notes of our very first (and dodgy) version right here, homed at libsyn. We’ll stick it on iTunes shortly.

We had issues with drop-out over Skype, so I apologize for the annoyances there.

This (last) week’s coverage focused on:

  • What we mean by Cloud Computing?
  • Upcoming Cloud Security Events/Talks
  • Clouds News: Cloud FUD
  • Need to get past the FUD, how can you shape Cloud security today?
  • Non security specific Cloud linkage

Please do comment on our performance.

/Hoff & Craig