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Friday Cloud Poetry: “On the Bullshit That is False Cloud”

I was inspired to write this given the latest round of marketing being tended to by Amazon Web Services in their renewed campaign to convince Enterprises CIO’s that their server-hugging IT teams are luddites and interested in nothing more than boat anchoring the success of their companies to some desperate need to buy legacy kit.

The “public-all-or-nothing” approach being hammered by AWS simply ignores the reality that the very customers they hope to woo face on a daily basis and instead seeks to rub their noses in the idealism that we should all simply trust that public, mass-market, one-size-fits-all Clouds are ready for critical, compliance-shackled, and heavily regulated applications today.

Werner, this one’s for you…

If the language of Cloud
Were something to parse
You’d find that some constructs
are rooted in farce

Dogmatic pursuits
of cloud terms that are pure
Yields terms of endearment
some profound, some demure

“Private Cloud is a false cloud!”
Werner peddles his schpiel
That’s to be expected
given where he gets his next meal

Cloud’s not about exclusion
There’s no right or no wrong
It’s not a crusade
OR a kumbayah song

Public or private
Inside or out,
Serving the business
is what cloud’s all about

If you make this religious,
Telling people to choose
All you’ll accomplish
is how fast you’ll lose

Say what you’re good at
What value you add
Not that differing approaches
Are inherently bad

Be evangelistic for sure
Promote Public Cloud’s virtue
And don’t be afraid
Private Cloud’s not out to hurt you

The reality is
No matter how you try and avoid it
Private cloud will add value,
No, you haven’t destroyed it

The value prop’s clear
On where each model works best
The market will sort out
where the laurels will rest

Public Cloud is fantastic
Private Cloudies agree
Hybrid models will win
Just wait and you’ll see

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