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Got Cloud [Security]? I’d Like To Talk To You…

Blogging is very much a broadcast medium.  Sure, people comment every now and then, but I like talking to people; I like to understand what *they* think.

I have some folks I’d like to “interview” for my blog on the topic of cloud – specifically practitioners who have relevant cloud computing experience relevant to ops, compliance, risk, and security. I don’t want anecdotes or take ill-defined polls and I also don’t want to regurgitate my interpretation of what somewhat else said. I want to hear you say it and let others know directly what you said.

Not interested in vendor pitches, thanks.

The structure would be somewhat similar to my Take 5 interviews.  I’d preferably like folks in the architect or CISO/CSO role who have broad exposure to initiatives in their large enterprise or service provider companies.

We can keep it anonymous.

Email me [choff @ packetfilter.com] if you’re interested.



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