Video Of My Cloudifornication Presentation [Microsoft BlueHat v9]

In advance of publishing a more consolidated compilation of various recordings of my presentations, I thought I’d post this one.

This is from Microsoft’s BlueHat v9 and is from my “Cloudifornication: Indiscriminate Information Intercourse Involving Internet Infrastructure” presentation.

The direct link is here in case you have scripting disabled.

The follow-on to this is my latest presentation – “Cloudinomicon: Idempotent Infrastructure, Building Survivable Systems, and Bringing Sexy Back To Information Centricity.

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  1. August 18th, 2010 at 13:55 | #1

    Guess you have a copy-paste error up there. The redundancy in "Cloudifornication: Indiscriminate Information Intercourse Involving Internet _Intercourse_" seems almost pornographic…

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