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See You At Black Hat 2010 & Defcon 18?

This year looks to be another swell get-together in Vegas.  I had to miss last year (first time in…forever) so I’m looking forward to 112 degrees, recirculated air, and stumble-drunk hax0rs jackpotting ATMs and commandeering elevators.

I’ll be getting in on the 27th. I have a keynote at the Cloud Security Alliance Summit on the 28th (co-located within Black Hat,) a talk on the 29th at Black Hat (Cloudinomicon) from 10am-11am and I’ll be on another FAIL panel at Defcon with the boys.  I’ve got a bunch of (gasp!) customer meetings and (gasp! x2) work stuff to do, but plenty of time for the usual.

I’m going to try to hit Cobra Kai, Xtreme Couture or the Tapout facilities whilst there for some no-gi grappling or even BJJ if I can find a class.  Either way, there are some hard core P90X’ers that I’m sure I can con into working out in 90 degree, 6am weather.

Rumors of mojitos and cigars at Casa Fuente are completely unfounded.  Completely.

Oh, parties? They have parties? 😉

See y’all there!


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  1. Emily
    July 25th, 2010 at 19:50 | #1

    Hi….I wont be bale to make it to Blackhat this year around =(… However, i heard that there is a new con in Miami – HACKER HALTED. Heard from some peers that they are pretty good and they have a really cool party in a yacht last year. I need some insights on it, anyone know anything?…let me know, thanks =)

  2. Amanda Demetrio
    July 27th, 2010 at 13:34 | #2

    Hi, My name is Amanda and I´m a reporter from Folha de S. Paulo (www.folha.com.br), the biggest brazilian newspaper. We are working on a story about the Black Hat Conference and we´d love to talk to you a little bit about it. Are you avaiable? We can do this by e-mail or over the phone. Whatever it´s best. My e-mail is amanda.demetrio@grupofolha.com.br Thanks

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