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Pimping the Security Non-Cons: Troopers 2010

February 12th, 2010 Leave a comment Go to comments

My friends at ERNW in Germany are putting on another fantastic security conference this year. I was lucky enough to attend Troopers ’08 in Munich and this year it’s in Heidelberg.  Check out the details here.

TROOPERS10 – This time it’s a home match.

This year we’re bringing back the action right to the place where everything started: Heidelberg, Germany.

In 2007 the idea of a security conference without the usual product presentations, marketing blabla, and bull*ht-bingo was born – just pure practical IT security. After an enthusiastic response from our audiences in Munich we decided to evolve the concept into a full-blown conference combined with a series of workshops and round tables.

We’re inviting (C)ISOs, IT auditors, sysadmins, security consultants and everyone who is involved with IT security to come to Heidelberg and get in touch with leading experts from all over the world. A number of workshops on monday and tuesday covers highly relevant topics in detail, on wednesday and thursday you’ll learn about the latest developments, threats and achievements from world class security evangelists, experts and hackers. And on friday we seat you on round tables right next to the speakers and fellow experts. You’ll be able to discuss your own strategies and concerns with them face-to-face. You will be listened to, because in the end of the day we’re all the same: TROOPERS in the infosec world.

I’ll be posting a couple of other excellent conferences shortly.

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