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Speaking at the 2009 Federal Identity Management & Cybersecurity Conference

December 15th, 2009 Leave a comment Go to comments

ISIMCThe (first annual) 2009 Federal Identity Management & Cyber Security Conference is being held in Washington on December 15-16th.  I’m speaking on day two on a panel moderated by Earl Crane of DHS on “Innovation and security in Cloud Computing.”

The Information Security and Identity Management Committee (ISIMC) of the Federal CIO Council is taking steps to deliver  on the President’s pledge for cybersecurity. ISIMC will discuss strategies and tactics for securing and defending federal IT  systems and networks for trusted and reliable global communication.

The objectives of this conference are awareness, education, and alignment toward a common vision for cyber defense  within the federal community.   This conference will focus on protecting the nation against cyber aggression, while preserving and protecting  the personal privacy and civil liberties that are the core of american values.

Hosted by  the Information Security and Identity management committee (ISIMC), which supports the federal CIO Council  in enabling chief Information officers (CIOs) and chief Information Security officers (CISOs) to  collaborate on: (1) identifying high priority cybersecurity and identity management initiatives; and (2) developing  recommendations for policies, procedures, and standards to address those initiatives that enhance the security  posture and protection afforded to federal government networks, information, and information systems.

Topics Include

  • Nation’s top cybersecurity challenges addressed by a
  • Panel of government and Private Sector leaders
  • US-cert and the challenging landscape of
  • Federal cybersecurity
  • Security Performance – What Is next?
  • Innovation, cloud computing and Web 2.0
  • Federal desktop core configuration next Steps
  • Supply chain acquisition best Practices
  • IT Security Policy and legislation
  • Identify, credential and access management

This should be an interesting two days.

  1. December 22nd, 2009 at 10:15 | #1


    Any specific things you learned at this event?

    Is Identity Management making any real headway (quantifiable) and if so – in what ways?

    Where should we go looking for seeds of good work in this space or people/orgs to follow that are making valuable headway?


  2. Earl
    December 23rd, 2009 at 03:14 | #2


    Thanks for sitting on our panel. Your expertise in cloud security is appreciated, and I believe we moved the security discussion down the road just a little more. We hope to get conference notes released in the next few months.


  3. December 23rd, 2009 at 16:16 | #3


    It was a great panel. I really like the diversity of the panelists and I think it was honest, pragmatic and helpful.

    I really enjoyed RADM Brown's session. That was fantastic.

    Thanks for having me, Earl.


  4. December 23rd, 2009 at 16:18 | #4


    Wayne, there's quite a bit of difference between where the .gov/.mil is in terms of Identity Management (and how/what that means) versus the private sector. I'll try and summarize my thoughts in a follow-up post.

    I am struggling with how to relate what was talked about at the conference with what happens outside of the .gov/.mil space and temper my enthusiasm (and that of others) with the realities of where we are and need to be.

    This isn't much of an answer, but I'll do my best to get my thoughts down on "paper."


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