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Apologizing In Advance: I’ll Be On PaulDotCom 11/27…

November 24th, 2009 Leave a comment Go to comments

This won’t end well.

Day after Thanksgiving: Hoff Friday

By Mike Perez on November 24, 2009 12:00 PM | Permalink– Paul, Carlos, Mick, Larry, John, & Darren.

What better way to emerge from your (Wild) Turkey stupor than to join the PDC crew and guest Christofer Hoff live at 20:30 EST on Friday November 27th for Episode 177 of PaulDotCom Security Weekly! We promise not to ask you to pass the gravy or overstay our welcome in exchange for your agreement to not Hassle the Hoff.


As a special treat, the PDC crew will be recording from Larry’s barn! At least, Larry told us it’s his barn (Social Engineering paranoia sets in after a while & we begin to question just about everything these days).

The live stream should be active around 8:30 EST, Friday night. Please keep in mind that the recording start time is dependent on the amount of tryptophan in our blood streams.

For bonus effect, join the IRC channel during the stream – we can take live comments and discussion from the channel! Find us on IRC at irc.freenode.net #pauldotcom.

When active, the live stream(s) can be found at:

PaulDotCom Livestream – All new with Video and Chat!

PaulDotCom Icecast Radio

Please join us, enjoy the show live, and thanks for listening!

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