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Pimping My Friends: One Of My Favorite NonCons – Troopers

One of my favorite international security conferences is happening April 22nd/23rd in Munich, Germany. It’s run by my good friend Enno Rey and his team at ERNW:

Troopers09 is an international IT-Security Conference on the 22nd and 23rd of April 2009 in Munich, Germany. This event is created for CISOs, ISOs, IT-Auditors, IT-Sec-Admins, IT-Sec Consultants and everyone who is involved with IT-Security on a professional basis. The goal is to share in-depth knowledge about the aspects of attacking and defending information technology infrastructure and applications. The featured presentations and demonstrations represent the latest discoveries and developments of the global hacking scene and will provide the audience with valuable practical know-how.

Troopers09 is hosted by ERNW GmbH, an independent IT-Security consultancy from Heidelberg, Germany. In the past years, speakers from ERNW were invited all around the world to present their latest IT-Sec research results and to share their knowledge within the global hacking community. With this global experience in mind ERNW decided to launch an international conference in Germany in 2008. After last year’s success of Troopers08 we’re thrilled to do it again. Once more it’s going to be an event unlike all other „Security Conferences“ we have seen in Germany so far: No product presentations, no marketing blabla, no bull*ht-bingo – just pure practical IT-Security. Real answers and practical benefits to meet today´s and tomorrows threats.

Troopers08 was a fantastic event, so I can only imagine that this year’s will be just as good if not better.

Check it out here.


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