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Source Boston – Video Interviews of Security Rockstars…

Source Boston has officially wound down, but I’m still on Cloud 9 (sorry) following the amazing sessions and interaction I had with my fellow attendees and speakers.


My presentation was well received and with Marcus Ranum, Dan Geer, and Adam Shostack sitting six feet in front of me, I didn’t choke as badly as I could have.  I had a ton of fun giving this first run preso and got a lot of great feedback and questions. 

One of the most excellent things I got to do was spend some time walking about with Zach Lanier (@quine on Twitter) and interview many of the vendors and speakers extemporaneously on various subjects.


I’ll be updating this post with links to the interviews as I get them cleaned up and uploaded.


Here’s a sampling of what you can expect:
  • David Mortman, “I Can Haz Privacy”
  • Dmitry McKay, LogLogic
  • Chris Wysopal – Veracode 
  • Peter Kuper – “Silver Linings”
  • Jose Nazario, Arbor, “Politically Motivated DDoS Attacks” 
  • Jeremiah Grossman, Whitehat Security, “Get Rich or Die Trying, Making Money the Black Hat Way”
  • Amrit Williams, BigFix, “The Economics of CyberCrime & the Law of Malware Probability”  
  • Adam Shostack, Microsoft, “The Crisis In Information Security”  
  • Dan Kaminsky, IOActive, “DNS – Toward a Secure Infrastructure” 
  • Chris Weber, Casaba Security, “Exploiting Unicode-Enabled Software”  
  • Rob Cheyne, SafeLight, “The End Of Our Rope: The On-Going Discussion Between Business & Security” 

You’ll laugh, you’ll cry, you’ll wonder why people gave me this task…


But seriously, we discuss such mega-issues such as DDoS, Snuggies, Bedazzlers, Zombies and Estonian dissident groups (and that’s in just ONE of the talks.)  


I think I’ve found something I absolutely LOVE doing — vlogging (video blogging) and will try and do more of it.


Check back for updates to the links over the weekend.




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  1. Patrick Florer
    March 14th, 2009 at 14:34 | #1

    I am still on a "cloud", too, today. The 4 hour plane ride home couldn't knock me off of it.
    The Source Boston conference was just fantastic – my first time to attend. I am hopeful to find a way to come back next year, and maybe go to Barcelona in the fall.
    For those who did not attend, I would highly encourage you to come next time – it's a deep, high energy, focused, and friendly event of the highest quality.
    Chris, whatever you may think, your "preso" was the most amazing of the 15 amazing sessions and keynotes that I attended – hands down.
    It was the clearest, most articulate, and most comprehensive exposition of VM's and the cloud that I have ever seen or heard.
    I have about 10 pages of typed notes that I made while you were talking. Also, I bought the dvd and watched it on the plane ride home. I will be referring to both quite a bit from here on.
    I am an older guy – I have seen plenty of presos in my life – yours was one of the best ever.
    Patrick Florer

  2. March 14th, 2009 at 16:53 | #2

    Your comments are exceptionally kind and humbling.
    Thank you very much.
    (The AV guy assaulting me with the microphone was pretty funny…esp. since the video is blacked out for the first 3 minutes or so 😉

  3. Rich Wiltbank
    July 2nd, 2009 at 12:06 | #3

    Is there a video of your presentation? I've gone through the slides that you have posted, but I'd like to get the color behind some of the slides. I know that this may be an "intellectual property" issue for either you or SOURCE, but just have to ask!

  1. March 16th, 2009 at 21:02 | #1