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Xen.Org Launches Community Project To Bring VM Introspection to Xen

Hat-tip to David Marshall for the pointer.

In what can only be described as the natural evolution of Xen's security architecture, news comes of a Xen community project to integrate a VM Introspection API and accompanying security functionality into Xen.  Information is quite sparse, but I hope to get more information from the project leader, Stephen Spector, shortly. (*Update: Comments from Stephen below)

This draws naturally obvious parallels to VMware's VMsafe/vNetwork API's which will yield significant differentiation and ease in integrating security capabilities with VMware infrastructure when solutions turn up starting in Q1'09.

From the Xen Introspection Project wiki:

purpose of the Xen Introspection Project is to design an API for
performing VM introspection and implement the necessary functionality
into Xen. It is anticipated that the project will include the following
activities (in loose order): (1) identification of specific
services/functions that introspection should support, (2) discussion of
how that functionality could be achieved under the Xen architecture,
(3) prioritization of functionality and activities, (4) API definition,
and (5) implementation.

Some potential applications of VM introspection include security, forensics, debugging, and systems management.

It is important to note that this is not the first VMI project for Xen. 
There is also the Georgia Tech XenAccess project lead by Bryan Payne which is a library which allows a privileged domain to gain access to the runtime state of another domain.  XenAccess focuses (initially) on memory introspection but is adaptable to disk I/O also:


I wonder if we'll see XenAccess fold into the VMI Xen project?

Astute readers will also remember my post titled "The Ghost of Future's Past: VirtSec Innovation Circa 2002" in which I reviewed work done by Mendel Rosenblum and Tal Garfinkel (both of VMware fame) on the LiveWire project which outlined VMI for isolation and intrusion detection:


What's old is new again.

Given my position advocating VMI and the need for inclusion of this capacity in all virtualization platforms versus that of Simon Crosby, Citrix's (XenSource) CTO in our debate on the matter, I'll be interested to see how this project develops and if Citrix contributes. 

Microsoft desperately needs a similar capability in Hyper-V if they are to be successful in ensuring security beyond VMM integrity in their platform and if I were a betting man, despite their proclivity for open-closedness, I'd say we'll see something to this effect soon.

I look forward to more information and charting the successful evolution of both the Xen Introspection Project and XenAccess.


Update: I reached out to Stephen Spector and he was kind enough to respond to a couple of points raised in this blog (paraphrased from a larger email):

Bryan Payne from Georgia tech will be participating in the project and there is some other work going on at the University of Alaska at Fairbanks. The leader for the project is Stephen Brueckner from NYC-AT.

As for participation, Citrix has people already committed and I have 14 people who have asked to take part.

Sounds like the project is off to a good start! 

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