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By Popular Demand: It’s the End of the BGP World & We Know It…In Poetic Review

What the hell’s goin’ on here?
something’s surely a mess,
our BGP is announcing
the wrong damned AS

See, I announce with this prefix,
it’s a slash 24,
here to there should take 3 hops,
not 18 or more

I’m pinging the next hop and
that works just fine,
ping a host, subnet over,
slows like a POTS line

That Defcon session,
when we IM’d all night,
that shit’s all encrypted
you told me that, right?

My telnet shell’s cleartext!
DONE! Stabbed it with a FIN fork
So why do these Pcap’s
show SYN’s to New York!?

Somethin’ sure does look fishy,
TTLs all askew
are the ISPs tapping traffic
‘tween me and you?

I’m just paranoid, man,
I’m sure it’s all fine.
These ping-pong effects?
BGP’s grand design

I mean really, why worry?
Even though, I confess,
it’s not like we’re vulnerable
like with DNS

BGP must be foolproof
auth’d and encrypted
there’s no way they’ve gamed it,
redirected or sniffed it

It would be quite stupid
if AS routes, you could twiddle,
intercept all my traffic
with a man-in-the-middle

Nah, I’ll sit here, use torrents,
my bits are secure,
close my eyes and imagine
that the Internet’s pure

What’s next though, I wonder,
what protocol hack
will cause Internet chaos
and make the tubes crack?

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  1. August 27th, 2008 at 20:25 | #1

    This is definitely complex prose that burrows deep into the fundamental workings of humanity, the inner struggle between right and wrong, the symbiotic relationship between good and evil, and at its very core deals ultimately with the challenges of choice, all while stringing together the beads of conscience, psychology, existentialism, religion, aetheism, morality/immorality (and the dichotomy therein), and ultimately, redemption.
    Oh, wait, sorry that was a review of Dostoevsky's Crime and Punishment 😉

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