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Poetic Security Review

The InterWeb’s broken!
Oy, vadda mess!
Kaminsky tells all
Patch your damned DNS!

VMware’s Greene has gone virtual,
where will she land?
Maritz is the new boss,
since Diane got canned

Speaking of virtual
Ballmer’s jumpin’ with glee,
for twenty-eight bucks
you can own Hyper-V!

Oh the Senate just gave us
a shitty surprise-a,
those spineless rat bastards
just re-voted in FISA

Hear that sound in the background?
That’s the ACLU crying
The telcos and Intel
get rewarded for spying!

That’s right they can wiretap
your comms with impunity
Our elected officials
just gave them immunity!

The new iPhone this Friday,
faster speeds, GPS
If only they’d fix
AT&T’s coverage mess

Poor Jerry Yang
and his Yahoo-stacked board
If Carl gets his way
Yang will fall on his sword

Matasano’s first product
took a while to cook
Many firewalls?  Hard to Manage?
Give Playbook a look.

As a wrap-up this time
I’ll pull the guilt lever
Read this post on my charity
and donate to Kiva!

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  1. Mark
    July 10th, 2008 at 12:04 | #1

    Beautiful. Simply Beautiful.

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