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Poetic Weekly Security Review

I do these every once in a while.


The Air Force, it seems,
wants its own net of bots
how many you ask?
The good colonel says "lots!"

The best defense is offense
to defend, they’ll attack
After the DDoS
you’ll get your game console back

Seems NATO’s on board
the Baltics are chuffed
the Cybersecurity center
means attacks will be stuffed

If your cable’s from Charter
they’ll know you surf porn.
Want your privacy back?
Get Obama on the horn

Speaking of privacy,
can you say P-R-N-G?
if you’re running Ubuntu
I’ve pwned your root key

The free email archival
from NSA — quite a mess
they got knocked off the air
‘cos of bad DNS

Seems virtualization security’s
not Simon’s problem to fix
beyond hypervisors
they simply don’t mix

Troubled by compliance?
governance giving you fits?
risk management efforts
driven by auditor twits?

Fear not my good lemmings
I’ve the answer, you see
close your eyes, send a check
Behold: GRC!

Check Point launched ForceField
sandboxed browsing – how zen
I installed it, went browsing
but it broke VPN

Nessus licensing changed
not that much of a hassle
though some might have to pay
for the  coolest new NASL?

Dave & Busters suggests
that you eat, drink, and play
Three dudes from east europe
took that quite the wrong way

Yahoo’s in turmoil
Ichan wanted a "yes!"
HP spent near twelve billion
and they bought EDS

HSBC lost a server
Oh what could be finer
than your banking details
floating ’round China

Oh rootkits, we love thee
Where are you hiding them then?
In software, in firmware?
Oh, look! SMM

Don’t forget IOS,
there’s a rootkit there, too
pwnage of routers
means no sleep for you!

Intrusion tolerance solutions?
What’s that you may query?
It’s admitting that losses
are real, not theory 

New PCI — deadline’s coming,
what will you do,
to comply with the new stuff
in version 1.2?    

And finally,
I’m bullish on Google, I am
except when their mailer
starts sending me spam 

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