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Travel: Off to Munich for Troopers08


I’m off to Munich for the rest of this week to keynote day two of Troopers08, hosted by my friend Enno Rey and the team at ERNW.

My talk is titled "Virtualization: Floor Wax, Dessert Topping and the End of Information Security As We Know It."

I’m sure I’m going to get hassled because I didn’t finish my VRRP fuzzing parameters for SPIKE before the weenies @ ERNW did (OK, I have an excuse — I didn’t even start) but it’s bound to be a great conference and a good time.

I got this email from Enno yesterday.  He’s German and thus obviously quite serious about this:

For those interested:

a) there will be a 10K (kilometers) run in the morning of 04/23 and 04/24, at 7 AM each. no competing here, just get some fresh air (planned time: 60 minutes). We’ve not yet figured out the exact route, given it’s airport area there shouldn’t be too many hills or stuff.
If you want to run on 04/25 or have a "double round" one of the days, pls drop me personal note.

b) the hotel seems to have a decent gym. We asked them to have it open 24h during the con and they confirmed this.

The friggin’ beer capital of the Universe and he wants us to run 10Km in the morning.

Yeah, right.

I’m looking for a local Brazilian Jiu Jitsu acacdemy, however…

Catch you all on the flipside…so long as the German customs officers don’t realize that MacOS X comes with NMAP which we all *know* is a hacking tool…<gulp!>


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