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Geer pwns Hoff – Round 2

The intellectual integrity scandal of the century has reared its ugly head once again. 

At RSA in the bar of the Westin, I was confronted by an unruly mob of Ex-@Stakers, fueled by their infamous ringleader Dan "El Guapo" Geer, who cornered me rather forcefully between a Bellini and a half-empty bottle of Dos Equis.  He suggested that were I not to cooperate, a true demonstration of punctuated equilibrium would be at my expense.

It was during this mental waterboarding session that I was unduly pressured to provide a public admission of guilt and forced to yield to photographic evidence of the event after El Guapo craftily scratched out "my " confession on a bar napkin which read "Hoff stole my preso."  At least he spelled my name correctly.


This was a sad day, indeed.  El Guapo sank my battleship 🙁


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