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Announcing the Security Star Chamber…

February 17th, 2008 Leave a comment Go to comments

I had an idea today; a platform upon which to launch a little security parody mixed with an even dose of introspective navel gazing and the odd spoonful of guffaw. The goal is to provide a healthy whilst humorous appraisal of the state of the security industry.

Think InfoSec Sellout meets Monty Python and The Apprentice.

Did you ever see the movie The Star Chamber?

In one of his earlier features,Michael Douglas plays a young judge who
becomes disillusioned with the law system he used to so admire when he finds
himself continually having to aquit particularly dispicable criminals on the
grounds of ridiculous technicalities.

Sensing his frustration,a close friend
(Hal Holbrook) informs him of a secret judicial society that meets and
dishes out the appropriate punishment to those who have escaped the clutches
of the law.

Inspired by some conversations this last week at ShmooCon with friends new and old, I am creating the Rational Survivability version of the "Security Star Chamber."

I’m going to play the disillusioned (young) judge.  I’ve recruited my not-so-secret judicial society who will, on a weekly basis, cast judgment against a specific market of the security industry; we’ll pick on a segment in a no-holds barred look at the belly of beast, not to dispense punishment, but to rather provide perspective.

If we can’t take ourselves seriously, we may as well play the fool instead.

We expect to communicate our judgment in the most pompous, self-important and aggrandizing style as we possibly can.  Fair and balanced?  This ain’t Fox News (if you can’t sift through that irony, you’re sure as hell going to hate the SSC…)

Here’s the catch…each of the jury has to summarize his or her argument in one sentence.

This may lend itself to some awkward dialog, but it ought to be mildly interesting for sure.

You’ll meet the other judges shortly 😉



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