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Poetic Weekly Security Review

Security-related news from the week…

Two hundred grand
is what you’ll pay,
for that illegally-scored music
says the RIAA.

Big data breaches make a really bad rap,
Think ABN Amro, eBay and the GAP.
Retailers recovering from a big breach black eye
Tell the Payment Card Council
"We hate PCI"

The Representative’s children
download images of lust
He thrilled some high schoolers
with an eyeful of bust!

The Feds were determined
to save Arnie’s day…
nuked ca dot gov
and the ‘Net went away

Extra screen RC toys,
says the ole TSA
next thing you’ll know
they’ll take your Webkinz away

The poor DHS
they’re feeling quite small
They DDoS’d themselves
with a big "Reply-All"

Microsoft’s looking
to increase their wealth
by putting online
your records of health

You’d think that a government
like that of Big Mass.
wouldn’t send out my social
and show their incompetent ass

The experts are puzzled
they say "Storm’s a bot!"
The one thing they’re sure of
is something it’s not.

It’s not easy to corner
it’s causing us fear
for the nextgen of malware
is already here

The Great Firewall of China
Oy!  Vadda mess!
Now it turns out
they block RSS!

The House Committee on Commerce
probes the wiretapping NSA
While the Air Force tried bombs
to make enemies gay?

And finally a comment
on Ex-czar Richard Clarke
whose ideas on security
leave our rights in the dark

We don’t need any more laws
to control what you can’t,
stick to fiction my friend
I’ll take care of the rants


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  1. October 8th, 2007 at 12:53 | #1

    Gay bombs are a phenomenal idea for an evil villain–think Maxwell Smart and the nude bomb. =)

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