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Das GooglePhone…Powered by GoogleOS…Will Be Connected Via GoogleFi via GooglePOPs…paid for by GoogleAds…

There have been no shortage of rumors, leaks and innuendo lately regarding Google’s plans for the production of the GooglePhone.

Google’s made no secret of the fact that it’s shopping for platform partners as they "explore" the potential.  It’s suggested an announcement will come officially after the Labor Day holidays here in the U.S.

Google has quietly made at least one acquisition that would support the case, namely that of a mobile software company called Android.  Android was started by one of Danger’s co-founders and developed a Linux based OS for mobile platforms.

Stick that OS on any number of platforms (such as those from HTC which recently leaked prototype information) and you get a nifty little extensible platform that runs a litany of Google Apps natively.  So far we’ve got the GooglePhone and GoogleOS labels out of the way…

Mitchell is smiling in anticipation in that he thinks he’ll be able to ditch his possessed PPC/SmartPhone and use a GooglePhone on Verizon’s network.  Not so fast, Mr. Happy…

Now, while many folks are happy to think that they can have a more usable, extensible, flexible, reliable and expandable mobile platform that natively runs Google’s Apps., what many are not piecing together is Google’s 4.6 Billion dollar decision to participate in the federal government’s upcoming auction of wireless spectrum
  in the 700 megahertz (MHz) band:


In a filing with the FCC on July 9, Google urged the Commission to adopt rules for the auction that ensure that, regardless of who wins the spectrum at auction, consumers’ interests are served. Specifically, Google encouraged the FCC to require the adoption of four types of "open" platforms as part of the license conditions:

  • Open applications: Consumers should be able to download and utilize any software applications, content, or services they desire;
  • Open devices: Consumers should be able to utilize a handheld communications device with whatever wireless network they prefer;
  • Open services: Third parties (resellers) should be able to acquire wireless services from a 700 MHz licensee on a wholesale basis, based on reasonably nondiscriminatory commercial terms; and
  • Open networks: Third parties (like internet service providers) should be able to interconnect at any technically feasible point in a 700 MHz licensee’s wireless network.

As a sign of Google’s commitment to promoting greater innovation and choices for consumers, CEO Eric Schmidt sent a letter to FCC Chairman Kevin Martin, stating that should the FCC adopt all four license conditions requested above, Google intends to commit a minimum of $4.6 billion to bidding in the upcoming 700 MHz auction.

So, without the dark overlord overtones, let’s say that Google wins the auction.  They become a mobile operator — or they can likely lease that space back to others with some element of control over the four conditions above.  Even if you use someone else’s phone and resold service, Google wins.

This means that they pair the GooglePhone which will utilize the newly acquired GoogleFi (as I call it) served securely cached out of converged IMS GooglePOPs which I blogged about earlier.   If the GooglePhone has some form of WiFi capabilities, I would expect it will have the split capability to use that network connectivity, also.

…but here’s the rub.  Google makes it’s dough from serving Ads.  What do you think will subsidize the on-going operation and assumed "low cost" consumer service for the GooglePhone.

Yup.  Ads.

So, in between your call to Aunt Sally (or perhaps before, during or after) you’ll get an Ad popping up on your phone for sales on Geritol.  An SMS will be sent to your GooglePhone which will be placed in your GoogleMail inbox.  It’ll then pop up GoogleMaps directing you to the closest store.  When you get to the store, you can search directly for the Geritol product you want by comparing it to pictures provided by Google Photos and interact in realtime with a pharmacist using Google Talk whereupon you’ll be able to pay for said products with Google Checkout.

All. From. Your. GooglePhone.

All driven, end-to-end, through GoogleNet.  Revenue is shared throughout the entire transaction and supply chain driven from that one little ad.

Think I’m nuts?


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  1. August 29th, 2007 at 21:05 | #1

    sounds about right. One other thing that seems likely is that the GPhone will have GPS (hmm does that make it GGPS?) to allow for *Location based ads*
    So now when you're walking down the street you could get things like "Hey you, come to bobs shoe store, the one you just walked past, no … turn around … you fool!"
    seriously though I think it'll be a very interesting new revenue stream for Google if they manage to pull all the pieces together, and the idea of integrating google maps with GPS on a phone and access to google should make finding stuff in the real world a lot easier!

  2. September 4th, 2007 at 13:35 | #2

    But if it saves just one child… or I can make a 3-way call on the GooglePhone, won't it be worth it? 🙂

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