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The Last Word on Schneier’s “Why Security Shouldn’t Matter” Post…

All this bruhaha over Schneier’s commentary in Wired regarding the existence of and need for IT Security is addressed brilliantly by Paul McNamara here.  Read it and let Bruce get back to posting about bombs, the government and giant squids, won’t you?

Anyone else who took the bait (as Bruce designed, obviously) and actually attempted to argue against what was admittedly unarguable circuitous and rhetorical sets of disjointed constructs paid service and tribute to the process as designed.  There’s one born every minute.  Yes, this is a candidate for the "Captain Obvious Award" and Bruce is no dummy, but obviously some of us who read this stuff and treat everything as a literal next-action need to chill.

Obviously Bruce has made a career from IT Security — and he recently sold his company to another that hopes to do the same, so accept the piece for what it is: a provocation to challenge the status quo and improve Technorati ratings 😉

This piece was meant to agitate us, as was Art Coviello’s address at RSA wherein he stated that the security industry will cease to exist in 3 years.

Thinking about this stuff is good for business — in all senses.


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