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In the UK this Week…

Forgot to mention that I’m in the UK this week.  I’m sure you’re all relieved to know that.  Not to worry, I shall continue to execute on my Blogsolidation strategy and bring you the best in Web2.5.

DangerousgolfcourseJust so as nobody feels sorry for me, we have a two day event at Turnberry in Scotland. Amazing place for golf, this.  I shoot in the 70’s…any colder than that I won’t play 😉

If you’re in London, Edinburgh or Glasgow, ping me and I’ll buy you a beverage of
your choice.  If you happen to be going to the 6 Nations Ireland vs. Scotland match on Saturday, I’ll be there!  Because our VP of Customer Support is Scottish, I am obligated to cheer for them.  I will be drinking Guiness, however.  Just to be fair, you see.


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