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I’ll be on two panels @ RSA this week…

Back from Africa.  Successfully summited both Mt. Meru and Mt. Kilimanjaro.  Pictures and war stories later.

Now that’s out of the way, I’m back to "work" this week @ the RSA Conference in San Francisco.  I’ll be there all week (from Tuesday on) so pop me an email (choff[at]crossbeamsys.com) or call me and we can get together if anyone likes.

I’m on two panels; both ought to be good given the participants and the moderators.
I’m especially looking forward to the UTM Smackdown session for some reason.  It’s like a fraternity reunion…without the beer.

Virtualization & Security – DEPL107
On Tuesday, February 6th @ 4:10-5:20 in the Burgundy Room

Virtualization technologies promise better utilization of managing and
provisioning computer resources within an organization, but the concept
of virtualization can make security managers nervous. This panel of
experts will discuss security technologies in the “virtualized” world.
Specific topics include: understanding virtual machine technology in
light of security issues and threat models; advances in virtualization
technologies which improve your security posture; case studies of
organizations who have leveraged virtualization successfully; and
strategies for effective compliance in virtualized environments.

Moderator:         Mary Ann Davidson

Chief Security Officer


Panelist:         Michael F. Angelo

Senior IP Architect


NetIQ Corporation

        Dennis Moreau

Chief Technology Officer, Founder



        Christofer Hoff

Chief Security Strategist


Crossbeam Systems

        Cris Lau

Sr. Product Manager


Citrix Systems

UTM Smackdown: Wading Through the Hype to Select the Best Solution – DEF203
On Wednesday, February 7th @ 10:40 AM in the Gold Room 305

With all the UTM choices available, how is an organization supposed to
pick the right solution? This no-holds barred panel assembles four UTM
CTO’s to debate hot buttons, such as the need for purpose-built
appliances, and the role of integrated management. This presentation
will also examine appropriate solutions for small and large enterprises.

Moderator:         Mike Rothman

President & Principal Analyst


Security Incite
Panelists:         Christofer Hoff

Chief Security Strategist


Crossbeam Systems

        Alan Shimel

Chief Strategy Officer



        Alex Quinonez

Vice President


Astaro Corp.

        Richard Stiennon

Chief Marketing Officer (CMO)


Fortinet, Inc.

Hope to see you there or at the Crossbeam Systems booth.


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