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BeanSec! Monday, August 14th…

In the fine tradition started by the boys over @ Matasano, Oliver Day and I (well, Oliver did all the work) as well as Chris Wysopal have conspired to bring you BeanSec! 1.  The event is detailed here, but the relevant description is as follows:

An informal meetup of information security professionals and academics
in the Cambridge/Boston area. Unlike other meetings, you will not be
expected to pay dues, “join up”, present a zero-day exploit, or defend
your dissertation to attend. (… but Oliver, my dissertation rules!)

The location is the Enormous Room (map) in Cambridge.  6PM.

Unfortunately, I have to go out of town so I cannot attend, but I know Oliver has picked a kick-ass place and the event should be great for those in the Boston area!

Be(an) there or be…well, attending an ISSA event instead, I guess…

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